Helpful Guidelines

Helpful Guidelines When In Harris County Probate Courts

1.  10 Key Points to Look for in the Will

 2.  When There is a Problematic Will

Key Points for Filing a Will for Probate Four Years After the Decedent’s Date of Death, When the Original Cannot be Located, When the Will does not Provide for Independent Administration, and When the Will is not Self Proved

 3.  When There is No Will

Key Points to Filing an Heirship and/or Administration

 4.  Texas Descent and Distribution Chart

 5.  Small Estate Affidavits

 6.  Ad Litem Manual for Heirship Proceedings

 7.  Probating a Will Four Years After the Decedent's Date of Death

 8.  Muniment of Title and Medicaid Benefits

 9.  Affidavit in Lieu of Inventory