Harris County Probate Court 2

Use this form to request a hearing.  A staff member will review your request and confirm your hearing or contact you for more information.

To schedule hearings for Guardianships or 1301 Trusts please contact the Guardianship Coordinator at 832-927-1433 (hearings are via zoom).

To schedule hearings on the Ancillary Docket, Scheduling Conferences or Show Causes please contact the Court Coordinator at 832-927-1434 (hearings are in person but will accommodate via zoom for special circumstances).

Probate of Will and Heirship dockets are via zoom but we welcome in person if requested.  Please clarify on your notice of hearing your preference.

Zoom.io recurring link: https://app.zconnect.io/r/7DWFGS


Probate of Will Docket
Request a hearing to probate a will.
Heirship / Administration Docket
Request a hearing for the judicial determination of heirs and/or to appoint an independent or dependent administrator (intestate estate).
Submission Docket
Request a date for the court to consider a matter on submission (no oral hearing but Notice of Hearing to all parties is required).