Probate Court No. 5




Judge Fransheneka (Fran) Watson


Probate Court 5 is a service-first, technology-forward court ensuring swift and accessible justice for all. Probate Courts are highly specialized courts helping people when a loved one has died or becomes disabled. The state of Texas has only 23 probate courts in 11 of its largest counties, with five located in Harris County.

People come to probate courts at their most vulnerable moment to help carry out a deceased loved one's final wishes or to assist another who is challenged by intellectual disabilities or incapacity, such as Alzheimer's. Probate courts also provide justice in cases of wrongful death, traumatic injuries resulting in guardianships, and when executors, administrators, trustees, or guardians are accused of wrongdoing.

Because death is inescapable and disability is indiscriminate, probate courts serve the entire range of our community making compassion one of the most important traits of the court staff and judge. I hope you'll find that our staff members are as experienced and knowledgeable as they are compassionate and helpful.

We look forward to serving you,

Judge Fransheneka (Fran) Watson

Presiding Judge, Probate Court 5