Associate Judge 

Temporary Restraining Orders
Ancillary Filings in Decedent Estates and 401’s
All matters regarding Real Property
Bills of Review

    Chief of Staff/Court Coordinator

    Setting Ancillary Docket
    Special Settings
    Scheduling Conferences/DCOs
    Jury Demands
    All Attorney/Appointee Fees
    All Non-Sua Sponte Show Cause Motions

      Decedent Staff Attorney

      Emergency Interventions
      Application to Open Safety Deposit Box
      Applications for:

      • Probate of Will
      • Heirship
      • Administration
      • Successor Executor/Administrator
      • Temporary Administration
      • In Base Files

      Motions to Withdraw/Substitute/Transfer
      Small Estates Affidavits

        Guardianship Staff Attorney/Coordinator

        Applications for:

        • Guardianship
        • Temporary Guardianship

        AAL/GAL Appointments
        Guardianship Personal Property Sales 
        Trusts for Incapacitated/Minors
        Capacity Assessments (CMEs/Doctor Letters)
        Annual Reports
        Ancillary Motions in Guardianships

          Court Investigator

          Initial & Annual Investigations
          Guardianship Referrals
          Medical Facility Contact
          Manage Court Visitor Program


            Accountings: Annual & Final

            Objections to Accountings
            Reduce/Increase Bond
            Motions for:

            • Expenditures
            • Ratifications
            • Reimbursement
            • Allowance
            • Inventories

            Receptionist/Online Coordinator

            Acuity Scheduling for Heirship, Probate of Will, and Submission Dockets
            Personal Representative Sheets
            Affidavits in Lieu of Inventory
            Wedding Scheduler

            Court Reporter

            • Records
            • Exhibits

            Court Clerk