Settings for Probate Court 4 Only
Guardianship Docket:

Requests must be received by 5:00pm on the Wednesday before the hearing date. This form is to set uncontested hearings only on the guardianship docket. 

Once you have sent your information, you should receive confirmation via email within 1 hour. If you do not receive confirmation please contact the Court at 832-927-1404. If, after submitting the request a thank you message is NOT displayed, your form was NOT submitted and you will NOT received an email. Please complete and submit the form again. ALWAYS REQUEST AN ALTERNATE DATE!



I am beginning to review the dockets for the next two weeks and wanted to make you aware of several changes and new additions within Court 4.  The court docket is booked.  If your file isn't ready, it will be passed and the spot given to the next caller.  As can be seen below in red, please DO NOT E-FILE the order nor the oath.  Although I ask, orders and oaths are still be filed.  This causes confusion in the file. 

  1. Submit your proposed order through email by noon on the Monday of your hearing.  PLEASE NOT ANY EARLIER.  PLEASE DO NOT E-FILE THE ORDER NOR THE OATH
  2. Court 4 is now requiring a minimum $25.00 cash bond per applicant for all Guardian of the Person.
  3. Bonds for Guardian of the Estate should be calculated based on assets known by noon Monday.
  4. New hearing time is 9:30 AM on Wednesday morning
  5. Have your clients in our office by 9:00 AM to meet with court staff to reiterate their job responsibilities
  6. It is the responsibility of the attorney of record to verify JBCC certificate, registration and background checks are completed and to the court by noon Monday; otherwise the case will be passed by the Court.
  7. Personal Service §1051.051 proofed for typos and misspellings of names
  8. Service by Mail §1051.052 proofed for typos and misspellings of names
  9. Service by Posting §1051.053 proofed for typos and misspellings of names
  10. Verify that your examination date is within 120 days of the filing of your application, and not the signature of the physician.
  11.  Please make sure that your guardianship certification is current and active.  If it has expired, please renew and submit the court a copy of your renewal.
  12. AAL's please prepare the Harris County Clerk's Order for payment of AAL Fee and present at the bench for 125.00 per hour unless discussed with me previously.

Thank you for your immediate attention to these new details.  We appreciate your service to these families.

Effective Wednesday, September 4, 2019, Guardianship Dockets will be held at 9:30am every Wednesday.