HARRIS COUNTY PROBATE COURT 4 - Uncontested Heirship (and Accompanying Administration) Settings:

** Please click here to view available dockets prior to submitting your hearing request.**



PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT A HEARING REQUEST UNLESS ALL REQUIRED DOCUMENTS FOR YOUR HEARING HAVE BEEN FILED - This includes ALL proposed hearing documents, all required citations issued and returned, the Attorney Ad Litem's answer, the 202.057 Affidavit of Service of Citation, and Proposed Order/Judgment Declaring Heirship SIGNED by the Attorney of Record AND the Attorney Ad Litem.

Once you have submitted your online setting request, you should receive an email within one (1) hour confirming receipt of the setting request.  If you do not receive this email, please contact the Court via email at ruby.vasquez@prob.hctx.net.  Additionally, immediately after submitting the request, if a "Thank You" message is NOT displayed, your form was NOT successfully submitted and you will NOT receive an email confirmation of setting. Please complete and submit the form again. PLEASE ALWAYS REQUEST AN ALTERNATE DATE!